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**I have uploaded and embedded videos from my trip in Myanmar, so if you go back through Myanmar posts, starting with “The Train. The zoo,” you will see video clips from my trip. Sorry the clips are so short sometimes, but when battery-charging capabilities are limited, so too are my recording-intervals.

I am still in Bangkok, heading South on December 4th, to Ko Tao. Tomorrow, dinner at a friend’s house and the next day volunteering at an orphanage with Lenly (Couchsurfing host).  Then, back on the road.   With WWOOFing and Couchsurfing (CS) opportunities along the way, I am able to take my time and savor the wonderful Thai curries (sorry Dad, I know you’re jealous)   :)

Red curry with mushrooms and shrimp

My status as a local is developing.  I am known around this part of town now, probably as the girl who wears the same outfit every day and who accidentally mistook sugar for salt at the restaurant.  Well apparently they like me, at least; this little note had me in hoots of laughter just hours ago.  I guess the owners have decided we need to take our sign-language communication to the next level, and start getting serious:

My receipt

Apparently, Thai people with limited English have a tendency of using “I love you,” where an American might say “I like you dude, you’re rad.”  I find it endearing.

Overview (what, I have a plan!?) for December and the beginning of January:

  • CS for a week on Ko Tao, Thailand, while getting open-water dive certification
  • CS for a couple of days on Ko Samui, Thailand
  • CS for a week in Ko Lanta, Thailand
  • CS for a week in George Town, Malaysia for Christmas, while volunteering at center for handicapped adults and children
  • WWOOF/teach English at a farm/orphanage/Muslim school, 45 minutes North of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2 weeks minimum)
  • Head down to Singapore for a couple of days (by now it’s mid-January)
  • Ferry to Indonesia

Finally, I would just like to reiterate that Couchsurfing is quite possibly the greatest internet-invention ever.

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  1. ray

    luv ya mytraveling badger

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