A Moment of Silence for Danielle Yeager

ray, noosh and danielle

I apologize for the lag in posting, but a recent tragedy has immobilized me from doing much of anything.

Two days ago, a friend gave me some terrible news: my friend–a beautiful, funny, creative, free-spirited girl, and briefly my roommate this past summer–Danielle Yeager, passed away.  My heart is breaking over and over again for her wonderful parents, her sister, and everyone who loved her for the amazing person she was. I can only hope her family will somehow be able to come to peace with this tragedy, but I can’t imagine how; Dani was really such a light in everyone’s life. The news of her death is devastating, and has completely paralyzed me and I’m sure all others who loved her. It’s a terrible reminder of how fragile life is, and how important it is to realize that our lives are constantly something we should be grateful for–death is not something that just happens to other people, people we don’t know, it happens to everyone. I spoke to her just weeks before she became dependent on life support, and I am still having a hard time believing that she is suddenly just gone.  It doesn’t make any sense how someone so full of life could be taken from this world when she had so much life ahead of her.  She was an inspiration to me in so many ways, and such a lovely person and friend.  Goodness, what a loss.

Rest in Peace, Danielle.

dani and me

4 Responses to A Moment of Silence for Danielle Yeager

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  2. Aram

    I’m so sorry. In the course of grief, the only advice that makes sense to me is to be good to the living. I love you. Pop

  3. Joelle Yeager

    I Googled my sisters name and came across this. Thank you! It made me cry and smile. I loved that crazy woman! It still doesn’t feel real to me, the only thing that does is her absence from my life.

    • author

      Joelle, I think about Dani all the time. I know you must miss her so much, and I can only imagine what it’s like going through your life without her. I hope you find happiness in her memories and just cherish the life she lived. It’s how I end up smiling through the tears I cry for her–I just think about her silly ass smile and feel good about the fact that she lived a great life that affected so many people in such a positive way. Best to you and your family :)

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