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Happiness and simplicity

I’ve never been this happy before. Let’s recap, briefly: On Little Cayman, there are more iguanas than people, an incredible community of birds, and approximately 150 year-round residents.  We have a small general store, open until 6 each day (and charging $8 for a bag of Tostitos), a bank (open two days a week), and one…

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A place to call home

It’s the most wonderful place.  And I’ve had an impossible time trying to determine how to describe this place to anyone, so probably this post won’t help.  A Google search of Little Cayman will tell you the basics, with the added bonus (and might I add, false advertising) photos of perfectly sculpted naked men roaming…

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Paradise found.

Every summer, when I was a littler girl, my family would load up the car and drive seven or something hours South to a place called Chincoteague, Virginia.  It was a family tradition; an anxiously anticipated time of the year when all branches of my dads side would converge within one tiny summer beach rental….

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